Football Confederation to be condemned for game under excessive heat

The CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) can be ordered to pay R$1 million compensation for health damages to have players exposed to excessive heat during the game held in Teresina on September 23th. The request was made by the MPT (Ministry of Labour) in Piauí, in a public civil action filed by the prosecutor Labour Edno de Carvalho Moura on 5 October.

During the first half of the game between Tiradentes-PI and Viana-MA, eight players of Viana felt sick. Five of them were taken to the Emergency Hospital in Teresina, where they were diagnosed with dehydration due to heat stroke. According to attorney Edno Moura, the time, which the match took place, is incompatible to play football in Piauí.

MPT used WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Thermometer Index), which is a device used to measure acceptable levels of work at high temperatures, to verify the intensity of exposure to excessive heat that the athletes were obliged. It was found that the Index was 37.1 WBGT, as against the maximum acceptable ratio for moderate activities of 31.1 WBGT.

The Federation and the CBF showed complete disregard for the health, safety and comfort of the athletes, forcing them to play under extremely high temperatures, low humidity and high incidence of solar radiation,” said the Prosecutor of the Labour.