Fishery management committee in Central-South Brazil

With the objective of assist the Ministry of Environment (MMA), the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA), and the Ministry of Fishing and Aquaculture, the Standing Committee on Management and Sustainable Use of Fish Resources of Hydrographical Basins of the Midwest, Southeast and South Regions (CPG Central-South) was created by Inter-ministerial Ordinance No.10, which is published on October 2nd. The purpose of the ordinance is to allow monitoring of sustainable use of fishery resources of the river basins in the South Atlantic, Uruguay, Parana and Paraguay.

According to the ordinance, the CPG Central-South is part of the Shared Management System of Fishery Resources, and is linked to Shared Management Technical Committee of Fishery Resources (CTGP), with consultative and advisory nature.

The Standing Committees on Management and Sustainable Use of Fishery Resources (CPGs) were introduced in this month as part of a process of improvement of the structure and the fishery management throughout the Brazilian coast, in the North, Northeast, Southeast and South. The CPGs are places of discussion and agreement between the fishing industry, the federal government and the civil society about managing procedures recommended by experts. Brazil will have 12 committees, six marine and six continental.

Source: MMA