Brazil and Ecuador discussed forest fires and deforestration

Topics of common interest between Brazil and Ecuador were discussed on October 1 between the ministers of Environment Izabella Teixeira (Brazil) and Lorena Tapia Nuñez (Ecuador). During the meeting, which was held in Brasília, the points considered strategic for both countries were discussed, such as, Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), combating forest fires and deforestration, and the Law on Access to Genetic Heritage and Traditional Knowledge (Law No. 13.123/2015) were discussed.

The ministers also examined solutions for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, the challenges imposed by climate change, the importance of renewables in the energy matrix and the commitments to be undertaken in the context of “Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC)” that both countries will lead to the Climate Conference in Paris.

During the meeting, Izabella Teixeira emphasized that the cooperation with Ecuador is welcomed and timely. “The Ministry of Environment (MMA) will support the environmental actions of Ecuador, to the extent of possibilities. Anything we can do to strengthen and expand our bilateral dialogue, we will do.”

According to her, the treatment of environmental issues can be an asset for the development of the region with global impact. “The environmental area will have to develop new skills for dialogue with society in the coming years. We have to evolve an agenda that puts people together and build solutions aimed at the welfare of the society,” she added.

Source: MMA