NR18 on the agenda

The reformulation of NR18 celebrated 20 years in July 2015. A further revision has been under discussion since 2013, and is expected to be completed soon. The proposal prepared by the Tripartite Technical Group (GTT) has been put to public consultation. The suggestions were being discussed in the National Standing Committee on Working Conditions and Environment in the Construction Industry (CPN). However, at the meeting held on July 9 in Rio de Janeiro/RJ, the employers’ bench requested a period of 120 days to submit a new proposal to the bench of workers and the government.

NR18 was one of the 28 regulatory standards published by Ordinance No. 3214 on June 8, 1978. In the beginning, it was focused on “construction works, demolition and repairs”. The first modification of NR18 took place in 1983. Over 10 years, with the advancement of technology and labour relations, the Secretariat for Health and Safety at Work (SSST) began a review process.

In June 1994, a Technical Working Group began to reformulate the standard under the coordination of Fundacentro. The project was on public consultation, and the committee reviewed more than three thousand suggestions received, thus, came up with a new text, which was submitted to the Tripartite and Joint Meeting held in Brasilia/DF, between May 15 and 19, 1995. In this discussion, the final text was approved, published in the Official Gazette on July 7, 1995 under the name “Working Conditions and Environment in the Construction Industry”.

“NR18 is in need for adjustment of improvements and removing some of the items that are already in other standards, for example, confined spaces, working at height, and PPE. And on the other hand, we need to put something on heavy construction, masonry, pre-cast, steel structures. NR18 served for 20 years, but now, it is time for a realignment,” said Antonio Pereira, the labour inspector.

Source: Fundacentro