Working Group on National Policy for Agroecology and Organic Production

An inter-ministerial working group was created by the President Dilma Rousseff, with the aim of establishing a National Policy for Agroecology and Organic Production on September 24. The group will discuss and take forward the National Programme for Reducing the Use of Pesticides (PRONARA) by promoting and increasing awareness, training, qualification and updating knowledge of farmers and rural workers. The government agencies and the entities of the civil society are part of the working group.

As part of the activities of the working group, the indiscriminate use of pesticides, especially those related to the health and safety of the workers, will be inspected and the specific Regulatory Standards such as NR31, which deals with the rural work, and NR7, which deals with occupational health, will be applied by the MTE.

In addition to the inspections, the MTE will also act in disseminating information to the general public and raise awareness for the risks of the products grown with the pesticides.

The latest data released from the Registered Cases of Poisoning due to Toxic Agents in 2012, by the National System of Toxic-Pharmacological Information (SINITOX) of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ) show that 4.71% of the over 90000 posioning cases are related to occupational circumstances. The Sinitox also pointed out that more than 4.656 million cases of pesticide poisoning were registered in the country.