Labour violations in Rock in Rio 2015

Labour inspectors found several violations on the morning of September 25 at the Rock in Rio 2015, which is an event that happens until September 27 in the city of Rio de Janeiro and brings together thousands of people and the offering of various services.

Workers were caught sleeping on cardboard in the midst of cleaning materials and food remains

Workers were caught sleeping on cardboard in the midst of cleaning materials and food remains

Safety violations were found in the workers’ accommodations. Following document analysis, physical verifications and interviews, a warehouse, which is assigned to the company Garrana to keep appliances, was located at the headquarters of the event, where contracted workers were sleeping.

It was found that about 15 workers were sleeping on cupboards with particular bedding in the midst of cleaning materials. There were also remains of food and various company documents on site. Among these violations, the workers also works in consecutive shifts and more than what is laid down in the contract.

In the first weekend of the event it was verified that a cooperative hired for selective waste collection was using temporary labour to perform the service upon daily payment. According to labour inspection, the cooperative Socitex used hired workers irregularly as the organization should have used its own workers. The temporary workers were not hired properly and receive fixed daily payment, while they were not participating in the decisions of the cooperative.

Safety management also showed violations such as lack of gloves for handling waste. Moreover, it was noted by the inspection that many of the workers were also doubling the service shifts without a break and proper place to rest.

After meeting between the event organizer and the inspectors, the organizer Rock World has committed to contract all the employees of the cooperative until the end of the event.

Source: MTE