SRTE/RJ interdicted the workshops due to electrical hazards

Labor Inspectors of the Regional Superintendency of Labor and Employment of Rio de Janeiro (SRTE/RJ) interdicted the activities in two workshop of the company Supervia where electrical hazards are presented. The company operates the urban rail services in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro. The measure was taken after the inspection detected irregularities related to Protection System against Atmospheric Discharges (SPDA).

According to a document delivered by the company, two workshops in the Deodoro district had no SPDA, whereas the resistances received by the SPDA in the São Diogo workshop was above the permitted limits.

It was also found that the company failed to implement preventive and control measures against electrical hazards. Electrical installations were not grounded according to the regulations, especially NR10 – Safety in Electrical Installations and Services.

A folding machine in the Deodoro workshop was also interdicted due to lack of security system to prevent accessing to danger zones and additional measures to protect workers’ hands during activities, as well as a guillotine due to lack of fixed or movable guards. Inspectors also interdicted pressure vessels because safety inspections and other documents laid down in NR13 – Boilers and Pressure Vessels have not been proven.