Health, safety and comfort conditions in wait and rest areas for professional drivers

Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment published an ordinance establishing the health, safety and comfort conditions in the locations where professional drivers for passenger and cargo transportation wait and rest.

Waiting and resting area for professional drivers in Brazil

According to Ordinance No. 510 , published on April 17, 2015:

1. Health, safety and comfort conditions in the locations where professional drivers for passenger and cargo transportation wait and rest shall meet the provisions of this Ordinance.

2. The sanitary facilities shall:
a) be located at a distance of 250m from the parking location of the vehicle;
b) be separated by gender;
c) be comprised of toilets, showers with hot and cold water, wash basins and mirrors, at least one set for each 1600m² of parking area for passenger and cargo vehicles, or fraction thereof, the minimum amount of sanitary facilities for men and women shall be observed;
d) be equipped with urinals in men’s facilities in quantities compatible with the scaling laid down in item “c”;
e) be kept in adequate standards of hygiene and housekeeping.

3. The showers shall:
a) be individual;
b) be equipped with access doors with locks;
c) have siphoned floor drains with water outlet system that prevents wastewater conveyance between the compartments and that drains all the floor water;
d) have soap dish and towel hangers;
e) have a minimum area of 1,20m²; and
f) have removable platform of washable and impermeable material.

4. Appropriate measures shall be taken to ensure that the drained water is not a source of contamination.

5. Dining environments can be exclusive or shared with general public, and shall always allow easy access to the sanitary facilities and drinking water.

§ 1 Dining environments shall be provided with tables and seats in adequate standards of hygiene and cleaning.
§ 2 All the dining environments shall be keep in adequate standards of hygiene and cleaning.
§ 3 The use of dining environments can not be conditioned to the consumption of products sold on the location.

6. Free drinking water shall be available by means of individual cups, or inclined jet-type drinking fountain or other equivalent devices that ensure same conditions.

Sole Paragraph. It shall be assured to access to drinking water in sufficient quantity.

7. Every waiting and resting place shall have a traffic plan containing information on the dimensions and locations of parking and maneuver areas, sanitary facilities, dining environments and the rules of vehicle movement.

Sole Paragraph. The traffic plan shall be placed in a visible place.

8. The transit, parking and maneuvering areas shall have vertical and horizontal signaling according to the traffic plan.

9. The transit, maneuvering or vehicle movement areas shall be provided with paving or pavements.

10. Every waiting and resting area shall have a security plan to prevent illicit acts.

11. Every waiting and resting area shall be fenced and have access control and electronic monitoring and surveillance system.

12 Sale, supply and consumption of alcoholic beverages in the waiting and resting areas is forbidden.

13 The children and adolescents are not allowed in waiting and resting areas, unless they are accompanied by responsible or authorized personnel.

14. The establishments owned by the carrier, shipper and the consignee of the cargo, and in cases where they are with the owners of these local contracts are obliged to provide waiting and resting areas to the professional drivers.

15 This Ordinance shall enter into force on the date of its publication.