NR8 – Buildings

(Last amendment on May 10, 2011)

8.1. This Regulatory Standard (NR8) establishes minimum technical requirements that must be observed in the buildings to ensure safety and comfort to those who work in them.

8.2. Workplaces shall have a height from floor to the ceiling in accordance with municipal ordinances, observing the conditions of comfort, safety and health as established in Ordinance 3.214/78.

8.2.1. (Repealed by SIT n.o 23, October 9, 2001)

8.3. Movement.

8.3.1. The floors of workplaces shall be free of projections or depressions which adversely affect the movement of people or material handling.

8.3.2. Openings on floors and walls shall be protected in a way to prevent falling of persons or objects.

8.3.3. The floors, stairs and ramps shall provide sufficient strength to withstand mobile and fixed loads for which the building is designed.

8.3.4. The ramps and staircases of any kind shall be constructed in accordance with the official technical standards and kept in perfect condition.

8.3.5. Anti-skid materials and processes shall be used on the floors, stairs, ramps, corridors and passages of workplaces where there is a danger of slipping.

8.3.6 The floors above ground level shall have adequate protection against falls in accordance with the technical standards and municipal legislations, observing the conditions of safety and comfort.

8.4. Protection against weather.

8.4.1. The external parts, and any separate stand-alone unit of a building shall necessarily consider official technical standards regarding the fire resistance, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and conditioning, structural strength and impermeability .

8.4.2. The floors and walls of the workplaces shall be, whenever necessary, impermeable and protected against moisture.

8.4.3. The roofs of the workplaces shall ensure protection against rain.

8.4.4. The buildings of the workplaces shall be designed and constructed so as to avoid excessive sunlight or lack of sunlight.