NR14 – Furnaces

(Last amendment on June 14, 1983)

14.1 The furnaces, for any purposes, shall be solidly built and coated with refractory material in a way that the radiant heat does not exceed the tolerance limits established by NR15.

14.2 The furnaces shall be installed in appropriate locations, providing the workers with maximum safety and comfort.

14.2.1 The furnace shall be installed so as to avoid the accumulation of harmful gases and high temperatures in nearby areas.

14.2.2 The stairs and platforms shall be installed so as to ensure that the workers perform their duties in a safe manner.

14.3 The furnaces that use gaseous or liquid fuels shall have protection systems against:

a) explosion due to failure of heating flame or the burner;
b) flame flashback and gas return.

14.3.1 The furnaces shall have chimneys sufficiently sized to the free discharge of exhaust gases, according to official technical standards on air pollution.